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It’s vs. Its

I have given myself permission to use it’s to denote something belongs to it. As in, it ate it’s crackers. I encourage everyone else to do the same. It feels so good.

First AS3 ‘Game’

So I was at the Indie Game Mixer at GDC and some kid in a cool hat introduced himself to me as Chevy Johnston! I had no idea who he was… but he asked if I’d made any games, to which I reluctantly replied I’d done some school projects but nothing I’d released – he explained he was the author of FlashPunk which had been used in, I don’t know, hundreds of games… and he’d authored 20+ or so himself (it was very loud in there.)  I felt outclassed, but I resolved then and there to make a game using his library.

Wanting to make something quickly (and having never worked with AS3), I remembered reading this article. Ok, so I write my little avoider game and I’m uploading it and looking for that article on Google so I can link to it in this blog post, and… wtf! That article was about Chevy Johnston!

Anyway, the game is here. It is based on my walk from GDC to the Renoir Hotel in San Francisco. It was inspired by reading an article about a game developer who I then also met and didn’t recognize. /facepalm