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Basic Slime AI

Doing a distance check, then a Y velocity check, then casting a ray to the ground and, finally, the player. If everything checks out, jump!

If you’re reading this, you should instead check out Voxel Chronicles, my current game. That blog is also updated much more often, though all the posts are about the game instead of me – fancy that!


Paulo Surricchio referred me to A Simple and Practical Approach to SSAO, which I’ve implemented (mostly) by the book. I’m not doing the business with the random textures (yet) and I’m already reasonably happy with the result. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Might need to do something about the sampling artifacts, I’ll need to see how things look once I’ve got some lights/glow.

1. Basic AI
2. Audio
3. Lighting
4. Basic Player Attack
5. Basic Enemy Death

Expect videos!