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GPGPU Particles in Action

This won’t be in the final game, but I’m working on GPU particle systems and cranked the number of particles to 100k.  I thought it looked cool enough to share.  It runs at 60fps up to about 250k particles, drops to 30fps at 500k and 20fps at 1 million.  I don’t expect to be rendering more than ~1250 (using this code.)

Still Kicking

Tanooki Zombie

  • helmet
  • torso
  • pants
  • left arm
  • right arm
  • left boot
  • right boot
And here’s a Skeleton wearing a subset of the above (and a glove on it’s left hand.)

Also, a zombie!

Finally, I got this guy wearing some pants!



Working on equipment means I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with the editor today.  Couldn’t resist!

Reworked Weapon Collision

Did some work on the weapon controller so I’ll be able to detect discrete hits and execute suitable gameplay logic. Currently planned stats include:

  • Strength – hit harder, wear heavier equipment without slowing down
  • Dexterity – hit faster, run faster, melee crits
  • Constitution – live longer
  • Intelligence – magic harder
  • Wit – cast faster, magic crits
  • Wisdom – more magic
  • Luck – more/better loot, melee/magic crits