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Screen Savior

A game consisting of discrete stages where you fight your way through the screensavers of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

Blast Windows logos, fly through the starfield, avoid scrolling volcano names, solve the maze, ride the pipes, etc.

Trollplaying Game

F2P MMORPG where you’re always in a single player instance, chat is global and all gameplay is quick time events. All chat is voice chat and the volume of a user is determined by the pitch of their voice. You cannot fail events, though earnest success earns you more experience – the game has RPG elements like a tech tree and stats, though the stats raise automatically when you level and the tech tree is entirely linear. Equipment is purely aesthetic, though you’re only able to obtain wearable equipment from a global auction house (the only verb you’re afforded on found equipment is ‘list’.) You build a character by placing 2 of the abilities you’ve unlocked onto a hotbar, which is activated with the ESC and Pause/Break keys.

Site update!

Added summaries to Projects page so folks clicking the menu will get something for their time.

Added Publications page (I need to see if Dr. Karnick has a webpage!)

Added pages on CPPNs, Pokepikaso and Steamgifter to Projects.

Moved reddit profile link to About Me menu, added links to Twitter, facebook and Linked In.


Looks better in motion

Looks better in motion

Combining layers with designer specified functions to form a hierarchy.  The first function transforms the value in the first layer, the second function transforms the value in the second layer, the third function combines the two.  The input data to the functions pictured isn’t from a layer, this is just dummy data (the position on the X and Z axes.)  Spatial utility.

GL is nice.

GL is nice.

Unity Performance

This is rendering a bit too slowly, the FPS drops so low the Cubiquity terrain doesn’t finish rendering. Hmm.

Changed some stuff.  Still need to track down allocations.

Changed some stuff. Still need to track down allocations.

This is not a game.

In Progress

In Progress

Windows 8

Windows 8 is bland, ugly and confusing… but it’s optimized, it boots quickly and runs smoothly, meaning it isn’t altogether terrible. The developers did a good job. The designers inserted head in ass.

There is no conveyance, so for perhaps the first time I’m using an OS where operating the computer feels like magic. Not Apple it-just-works magic, mind you, I’m talking voodoo – you luck into a way of doing something, like turning off the computer from the settings menu, and you’re never sure if there’s another way (because goddamn that’s weird!) but you’ll do it that way from now on because it took forever to discover and it worked that one time.

The only truly baffling thing about a fresh install is having the Metro version of IE open while you’ve got the Desktop IE open, because you expect they’ll have access to the same tabs (and of course they don’t.) The gestures have zero discoverability, unless you’re the type who clicks and drags and pokes at screen edges, which is the type of user you’ll become after installing Windows 8.

Verdict: I don’t completely hate it.

I’m moving to wordpress from blogger, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve lost some formatting in the import, apparently – if this impacts your enjoyment, feel free to check and  Looking at posts from 2003/2004 it appears I lost some images during one of many FTP transfers throughout the years – I’ll be attempting to recover everything, for posterity’s sake.

A note to friends, fellow developers and HR puff & stuffs: if you go back far enough on this blog, you’ll probably find something you don’t like.  I’ve got the same problem.  I don’t have the time (machine) to go back and self-censor and you shouldn’t have the time to read inane blog posts until you become offended, so let’s just pretend I’ve always been full of sunshine and happiness, as I am now, instead of spirits and vitriol, as I used to be.