Started running my contest-entering bot a few days ago, already won a new game – BeeFense.  That’s right world, I’m a winner, deal with it.  Got a gig on Upwork to write a bot that monitors Beatport charts – I’d never seen Beatport before but it seems pretty decent.  I guess I’ll never see most websites that aren’t in my niche or the Alexa top 100, you know?  I really love writing and running bots, one of the 5 questions I ask myself every morning is “What can I program today?”  The other 4 are “What’s great about Bert and Corina?” “How can I have fun today?” “How can I improve myself today?” and “What will be great about being fit?”  I don’t need to ask myself “How can I get my family back?” because that’s always running through my head for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health and even in my dreams – I seriously get no relief from thoughts about Anna and the kids.  I’m lucky to have people in the world I love so much no matter what, there are some people who don’t love anyone – that’s gotta be worse.

Gonna go donate blood plasma tomorrow, it’s been too long since I donated blood and most people don’t donate plasma because it takes so long.  I’ve got the time.