It’s possible I’ll be going to jail for a year or paying a $5000 fine for violating the domestic violence protection order Anna got the State of Washington to issue after she told them she thought I was going to kill everyone I love.  That’s uh… well…  it is what it is I guess.  I just wanted to make sure Bert and Corina gave their mommy a present for her birthday, here’s what they/I gave her:

For all I know those mugs wound up in the garbage… but it was fun designing them, at least.  I’m terrified but I’m always terrified so it really doesn’t feel any different.  I’ve lost everything at this point – I feel normal for 6 hours a week – I’ve spent a princely sum and things haven’t gotten better – a 5k fine and 12 months in prison doesn’t compare with not being able to take my family to a restaurant or tell my kids goodnight.  This is going to affect my ability to find a job (I think the DVPO already has) but hey, that’s great motivation for starting a company or being a freelancer!

Alright, I guess I’ve got to fill out some paperwork for a divorce I don’t want so my wife who I love can be free of me.  Some day everyone will realize they’ve made a mistake and destroyed me for being depressed… right when I recovered.  I hope I get the chance to forgive everyone while the kids are still kids.  I miss Vin.

This sums things up pretty well – – enjoying music again is pretty cool.