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“Depression puts you in a hole and once you try to climb out everyone starts throwing dirt on ya” – EmoryM

Bert’s 4th Birthday

Maybe I’ll see him for 3 hours, maybe not. Hope to. Bought presents, hope he doesn’t already have them, no way to know. When the kids grow up and ask about these terrible times what do we say? “Mommy told everyone Daddy was going to kill her so they treated him like a monster?”

Eventually she’ll talk to me again, she’ll realize she’s made mistakes and things will get better for everyone – I’ve got to believe that because the alternative is so sad for everyone, especially our kids. Interact with me for 2 minutes without wanting me to be a bad guy and it’s clear I’m just a dude who loves and worries about my family.

Everyone makes mistakes and when they do you forgive them. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦