I think I’ve accepted that I’ll never stop loving my family or wanting to go home. Does that leave me emotionally numb? Sure. Is it better than the alternative – not loving my family and not wanting to go home? Pretty sure. What kind of husband and father would I be if I didn’t love my wife and children? I can’t change anyone’s mind, I can’t stop people from saying and thinking terrible things about me, truth doesn’t matter to people. History can be changed, people believe faulty memories, I get horribly misquoted & taken out of context & misunderstood. I’m forced to do things I don’t want to, hurt people I love and roll with it. People I love would rather see me dead than give me a second chance. Divorce jokes, broken homes, strong independent women – this is the modern world, the world of single mothers on tinder. I’d never hurt my family, people are retarded. Sorry, mentally challenged.