header_debug_overlay - Copy Myers, Charles E. and Pushpak Karnick. “Distance-based Construction Behaviors for Dynamic Grid-based Worlds.” Proceedings of the Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE-13). (October 2013?)

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This paper proposes a method for the development of AI for autonomous agents in game worlds modeled by fixed regular grids. This approach uses context behaviors driven by distance maps to support multiple agents in a dynamic environment. This paper introduces the notion of hierarchical distance maps which allow for higher-level goals to be easily specified by designers. We also discuss potential applications of our approach in the design and development of agents and behaviors in the block world genre.

 devandroidandroid1_original Senner, John, Koa Metter, and Emory Myers. “Automate Your Android App Testing.” .net magazine, issue #219. (September 2011)

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Don’t trust humans to do all of your testing – not even experts. John Senner, Koa Metter and Emory Myers of MokaSocial reveal how to delegate the dirty work.
* Knowledge needed: Basic Android app development
* Requires: Eclipse, Android SDK
* Project Time: Two hours to begin running tests, eight hours to construct an automatic nightly application test suite