The Voxel Chronicles was a solo project which ceased development in April of 2012. The game uses a component-based engine I started working on in September 2011, relying on Assimp, Bullet Physics, CEGUI, DirectX 11 and OpenAL to get the job done. Particles were handled on the GPU via DirectCompute and the A* variant known as JPS was implemented for pathfinding.

I have mixed emotions about this project.  As coursework, I succeeded, earning an A- both semesters I worked on it.  As a game, I feel it’s severely lacking – it wasn’t intended to be a solo project and I was never able to find the time to do the concept justice.  As a student project at DigiPen, I don’t own the IP, so while I may create a similar title in the future I won’t be able to use the name (and continuing development as a solo project, while tempting, isn’t a good use of time.)

All coding and asset creation was done by me in a 7 month period during which I completed other coursework – the project was never the best, in terms of gameplay, but it held up favorably when compared against the work of much larger teams.

Creating this game taught me a lot, not only about technical things, but about my own limitations and the importance of teamwork.  Who knew game development could be bittersweet?

I will provide you with a copy of the completed game (replete with installer) on request, though I can only guarantee it works on the three PCs I own and two on campus.

The movies and images below span the course of development, I hope you see something you like! =]